Northern Diversity 2023 Mother's Day Box

$89 $120

A Selection of Organic and Sustainable beauty and wellness products supporting diverse Canadian businesses. This box is worth atleast CAD 120 includes 4 full size items:

1) Tease Wellness Tea Blend (Each tube contains 15 pyramid tea bags).

Tease wellness is a woman-owned small business and social enterprise local to Ottawa, Ontario and are proudly a certified Benefit Corporation, meeting the highest social and environmental standards in business: From innovative biodegradable packaging to expertly sourced sustainable ingredients.

Choose one of the below blends:

Glow and Grow Tea Blend - A slightly floral beauty boosting blend featuring lavender and nettle to help sip into relaxation while strengthening hair & nail growth. Caffeine free.

Self Elixir Tea Blend - An Ayurvedic-inspired blend featuring super-herb Moringa and hints of citrus and cinnamon to elevate self-care rituals. Caffeine Free.

Chill Out Cherry Tea Blend - A restoring blend of ashwagandha and notes of cherry to help 'keep chill' when life starts to feel a little wild. Caffeine Free.

 2) Hydrate 49% Almond Oil Serum by Three Ships, 1 oz / 30 ml

This nourishing oil serum supports the skin’s moisture barrier and protects against dehydration, so parched skin looks plump, soft, and healthy again.

3) Epic Blend Body Wash, 8 oz / 236 ml 

Choose between Coconut Vanilla, Citrus Mint, Coconut Lemon or Lemongrass.

4) A Threelittlebirdsxoxo Hand-poured Candle, 8oz

Choose between Creme Brûlée, Chai, Banana Nut or Oatmeal and Honey.

8oz // Burn time: 40 - 45 hours

Candle Care:

A candle has its own muscle memory. Meaning its first burn is most important. For as long as each vessel has reached a full melting pool - usually between 3 to 4hrs, it is going to burn in the same pattern every time to avoid tunnelling.

- With every consecutive burn, keep wick trimmed to about 1/4” inch to prevent candle from smoking. 

- It is recommended not burning your candle for longer than four to six hours at a time, to avoid overheating.

- Always keep a lit candle within your sight. Keep out of reach of flammable objects, pets, children or anything that may catch on fire.

- Once the wax has reached its final days make sure to leave about an inch of wax remaining. By not doing so it can cause heat damage to surfaces and cause the vessel to crack. 

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